Millions of cubic meters of demolished and excavated building material are sent to landfill sites across South Africa on an annual basis. Aggreg8 has identified an opportunity to intervene and recycle this material into high quality products for the building industry.

Aggreg8 contracts with demolishers, excavators and developers, receive their waste (previously destined for the landfills) and reprocess this “waste” into reusable construction products such as sub-base material, concrete mix, building sand, filling and a crushed sand for concrete product manufacturing.


Aggreg8 products are sold at the prevailing market pricing and will be consistent with the equivalent quarry material and concrete product quality that is currently rated by SABS standards.

Demand for eco-friendly building material has been on the increase over the past few years. In Europe and America the demand for eco-friendly building material is massive. In fact, according to Bio-intelligence Service’s report on construction waste management in Europe, construction and demolition waste represents close to a third of all waste produced in Europe. As a result of the study, the total volume of construction and demolition waste was re-evaluated at over 500,000,000 tonnes per year, 46% of which is recycled.

Although way behind Europe and America, South Africa will no doubt follow this trend. In 2015 legislation will come into effect that includes building material as part of the green rating of the building.


We have realised that we can unlock great value from waste materials by using the correct technology and processes.

We are utilising construction waste including excavated and demolition materials and in doing this we dramatically reduce the ever increasing rising costs of building materials as well as dumping and transport related costs, we are also assisting councils in maximising the life span on the current landfill sites in and around our areas of operation and believe the synergies with council are great. We believe we are making strides in improving the negative and harmful practices on the environment and in turn promoting good, green and healthy Initiatives in the construction space.

Our growth in these areas adds employment and training opportunities to the communities in becoming able to contribute through a learned skill thus building pride and dignity. We are passionate about what we do, especially about making a difference!